Rain gutter and a perfect car

This writing is under a new categories, CBT (Cars, Bikes, Trucks). I’ll write something easy to understand about how to make a car stuffs.

This is rain gutter. Seriously!

If you look at the car, just above the side windows, you’ll see a raised portion of metal. That’s the rain gutter and it works just like the gutters on a house. It directs rain water from the windows so you can open them during a rain storm (of course, if it’s really pouring or the wind is blowing, you’re going to get wet anyhow!).

Newer cars don’t have rain gutters, you would probably have to go back to the 80’s to see a rain gutter on a car, it was on the sides of the roof and kept the water from coming into the car when you had your window open and there was water on the roof it would drain off instead of draining on your arm or leg like these new cars do. But, the elimination of rain gutter improves the vehicle aerodynamics. Less drag force, more fuel economical (theoretically, its more than that). So, if you plus here, you’ll minus there.

rain gutter

For engineers, there are no such ‘perfect car’. Because combining comfort, electronic gadget, fuel economical and best handling in one car? Its like combining a person with the naval skills of Admiral Nelson, the writing prowess of Arthur Conan Doyle‎, the engineering pizzazz of Isambard Kingdom Brunel, the political brilliance of Nelson Mandela and the looks of Jim Morrison.

Me? If I had RM70,000 to spend on a set of wheels, I’d have a Perodua MyVi. Small, easy to drive, comfortable for 2 person and the rest of the money I’ll invest on something else. Oh what a terrible writing today!


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